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Barn Dance

SATURDAY, JULY 11TH 2015 @ 5.00pm

The Grange, Southam

Live band & caller

Special Guest : Graham Nunn, magician & storyteller

Lots of fun for every age!!!

Buffet Tea provided; Drinks from the Grange bar

Tickets : £2 each // £5 family ticket

Available from : Rev Martin Green - 613466


Hope 14


Want to know more?


Why not join us “Just Looking” at what

Christians believe and discussing whether

these beliefs have any relevance today.


The five week course is being run at the following venues:


Long Itchington:  Mondays, starting  6th October at 8pm at The Green Man, LI


May News

Church News from Bob Clucas


We apologise to anyone who has been trying to contact us using the Napton Vicarage number 812383. We have had trouble with this phone line which we believe was the fault of BT in the first place but  the 1571 settings were reset causing further difficulties.

If you have left messages on that phone and we have not responded in a reasonable time your message may have gone astray. If in doubt use the mobile number provided in the magazine.

April News

It’s that time of year again. Spring.  And for clergy, April brings Easter and the APCMs. “The what?” I hear you ask.

Annual Parochial Church Meetings include reports from the different groups in the church and elections to the different roles such as Churchwardens, treasurers and PCC secretary. These are important roles and I would like to thank those who have worked so hard in these ways this year.


Church News March 2014

Clergy Update – I thought it would be worth letting everyone know how things are going at the clergy end of church life. Myself (Bob Clucas) and Gillian Roberts are continuing to hold the fort, continuing to make the routine things: Christenings, weddings, funerals, Sunday Services and Church Festivals our priority. We are both part-time and so far this year we have unfortunately had to focus on funerals. We have had more bereavements to deal with in January and February in the six parishes than in the whole of last year.



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