Priors Hardwick

Priors Hardwick is one of the smaller villages in the Bridges Group of Parishes. Our simple but beautiful church has been used for Christian worship for around 800 years. It is still central to the life and character of Priors Hardwick and we seek to maintain and proclaim the Gospel Message in the twenty-first century.

Each church in our Group has its own character, both architecturally and in its style of worship. At St Mary's we try and cater for those who prefer a more traditional style, using the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) for our monthly Holy Communion services and Evensong. We are also exploring less formal morning worship once a month.  The message is the same as it has always been, and the congregation are friendly and welcoming. As we are relatively small, it is very easy to meet people and make new friends (if you want to). There is lots of parking space nearby if you live too far to walk, and many of our regulars come in from the surrounding villages and farms to share fellowship.

The church is usually open every day during daylight hours if you just want to visit, or would like to find a quiet corner to reflect or pray.