Video Services

While our building is closed for COVID-19 our church continues online.

Morning worship for Trinity 6 As we are not quite ready yet to go back into our church buildings for Sunday Worship, we will continue with our recordings for a while.
Morning worship for Trinity 5 Welcome to our regular online Sunday worship during lockdown!
Morning worship for Trinity 4 Please join us for our informal service, presented by the team from Napton
Holy Communion for Trinity 3 Our service this week is Holy Communion recorded in St. Michael's Church, Stockton
Morning Worship for Trinity 2 You are welcome to join us for our worship
Morning Worship for 14th June 2020 Please join us for our service put together by our Stockton team
Morning worship for Trinity Sunday This Sunday we will think about our place at the heart of the Trinity
Morning Worship for Pentecost Join us for a celebration of the birthday of the church and the gift of the Holy Spirit
Holy Communion for 7th Sunday of Easter Join us for a service of Holy Communion for the Sunday after Ascension Day
Morning Worship for 6th Sunday of Easter This week a service put together by our Napton team