Video Services

While our building is closed for COVID-19 our church continues online.

Holy Communion for 7th Sunday of Easter Join us for a service of Holy Communion for the Sunday after Ascension Day
Morning Worship for 6th Sunday of Easter This week a service put together by our Napton team
A commemoration for the anniversary of VE Day Join us to commemorate the anniversary of VE Day
Morning Worship for 4th Sunday of Easter This Sunday is often called "Good Shepherd Sunday" - join us to find out why!
Morning Worship for 3rd Sunday of Easter A service to reflect on our journey with Jesus as we meet the disciples on the road to Emmaus
Messy Church Easter Service Join in the Messy fun!
Easter Sunday service of Holy Communion Join us for a celeration of the risen Jesus!
Good Friday Meditation Join us at the foot of the cross
Maundy Thursday 2020 A service of reflection as we wait with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Palm Sunday Service Our first venture into using this new medium.