Welcome to the Wormleighton section of the website.

Saint Peter's is a Grade-One listed Church of significant historic interest built around 1150 in the small Conservation village of Wormleighton in South Warwickshire. Our small parish has Northamptonshire on its Eastern boundary and Oxfordshire on its Southern boundary. To the North-East we adjoin the parish of Priors Hardwick, to the West Fenny Compton and to the North-West Ladbroke.

Historically, there were other also a number of smaller neighbouring parishes such as Stoneton, Watergall, Hodnell and Lower Radbourne located next to Wormleighton but these lost their parochial status due to the various acts of enclosures in the 16th and 17th centuries allowing the creation of larger agricultural holdings which led to the demise of a number of villages and hamlets in this area.

The original village of Wormleighton did not actually survive the effects of the enclosures either and its remains lie to the West of the present location, which is on a hill on which the church stands and where the late Princess Diana's and her sons' ancestor, John Spencer demolished six cottages and built his second manor house in 1516. Having a total population of only around 80 people, our resources are somewhat limited, but our church remains the centre-piece of most of our small community's activities and is kept going as a centre of worship by a small group of highly committed people. We see our membership as a small but active body within the group of 6 parishes as being a significant advantage.

Without extremely generous levels of funding, a small parish like ours cannot go it alone and if it tries to do so runs the risk that it may in the end just wither and die. The members of Wormleighton's PCC are fully committed to finding a way to ensure that does not happen and in so doing forging firm links with our fellow Christians in neighbouring parishes as a way of achieving our guaranteed survival and future growth.

Our church is open every day for visitors during normal daylight hours and entrance is via the North Door. The St Peter's visitor's book invariably receives favourable comments from those who love its peace and tranquillity. St Peter's has Grade-One Listed status thanks to many original features that have remained unaltered for more than 400 years. Its basic simplicity creates an immediate impression of timelessness and is a link to its original builders and all that have worshipped on this site for at least the last 800 years.