Gillian's letter for December

Exploring Faith

I became a Christian just over 15 years ago – at least that is when my faith came alive. I know some people don’t like the term but I was “born again” – and that’s really how exciting it felt. I had attended church for many years and I had even been churchwarden but I recognised something in other Christians that I did not have – a deep-seated peace and happiness - and I wanted to discover more. One day, someone sat down with me and explained to me the significance of Jesus dying on the cross. It was one of those “Damascus Road” moments and I have never looked back.

Since then I have experienced the joy and contentment of knowing Jesus as my friend and saviour. My relationship with God has got me through some tough times – both personal things and things in the world that drag us down. I know that I am a child of God and will always be safe with him.

God has led me on an amazing journey, calling me to do things I would never have dreamt I could do but he has equipped me and given me the confidence to do them, surrounding me with people who trusted me. And the next stage of the journey is about to begin when I am licensed on 14th December as Priest-in-Charge of our Group of parishes.  It is such a privilege and honour to be able to do that and I look forward to working in my new role around all the parishes.

Do you ever wonder why faith is so important to Christians – how it can make a difference to us? Do you have questions about life in general? Would you like to investigate whether God exists? Would you like to learn how prayer works? Do you want to find out more about suffering and evil in our world? Have you ever asked if there is more to life than this?

After Christmas – on 10th January – we are starting an Alpha course. This offers you an opportunity in a small, informal group, to explore all those questions about faith and life! If you would like to find out more about Alpha, give me a call.

God bless,