Acting Curate in Charge

CURATE in CHARGE. On Sunday 31st January Archdeacon Missioner (Morris Rodham) came to the Gathering Service to officially tell us that all the churches in the Bridges group had agreed to the proposal that Gillian Roberts should lead the Bridges Group as acting Curate-in-Charge for 6 months. We all know that Gillian will be fab at it. After 6 months, if all goes well, and everyone who is anyone agrees, Gillian could be considered for the role of Priest-in-Charge of the Bridges Group.  As always with the Anglican church, there is a process to this and once this process has come to a conclusion, the two House for Duty posts in the profile (both of which would be Associate Ministers) will be advertised. So, with lots of prayer and God on our side, we may have 3 clergy covering the Bridges group by the end of the year. How good is that?? Please support Gillian with prayer and actions while this process is taking place.