Moving Forward in Our Churches

The Bridges group of six churches are planning to make two new appointments after Bob Clucas steps down in December. As part of this process, church members have been asked to complete a survey on the eight qualities needed for churches to grow. Some of us had some reservations about the survey as it uses American vocabulary and does not really seem to relate well to small rural churches. However, some helpful information has come from the surveys that we hope will help the whole group plan for the future.

The survey showed that the Bridges Group’s strengths were inspiring worship, loving relationships and good small groups. There were three areas that the churches need to improve. There are some special midweek meetings currently happening to tackle the area of passionate spirituality. Enabling leadership seemed to be a weaker area which will be looked at once the new clergy are appointed. The third area of weakness is effective structures (although most of these are set by the Church of England!). However, we are in the process of considering whether to reduce the number of PCCs (Parochial Church Council) across the group so as to use church members’ time and effort more efficiently.