December Letter

Someone said to me the other day (thinking of Christmas), ‘it’s coming up to your busy time of year.’

I replied, ‘If only it was the busy period.’ It’s been very busy with Harvest Festivals and Remembrance in the last few weeks.  Also since August, with a few of weddings and a lot of funerals. The funerals have included, as most villagers will know, the Reverend Peter Jackson who was vicar of Napton, Stockton and Lower Shuckburgh for a long time. His death was unexpected, after a car accident, but his funeral had elements of joy and forgiveness as he had requested. We want you to know that although we are busy we can find time to help people in crisis or death emergencies, but we have little time left over for routine visiting.

I have also been busy personally preparing to move house. We are hoping to move to a slightly larger house that will be more suitable for working from home.  Although we are not moving very far, trying to sell a house does generate a great deal of work and hassle.

So here we are, with Christmas coming.  A time for families and fun, but also for many, a time of stress.  A busy time, but a time of joy and forgiveness.  

 I wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I hope you have time to get to a Carol service or one of the other Christmas services. If not, I hope you are able to find time to reflect on the year and give thanks for all the good that has happened.

Best wishes,