May News

Church News from Bob Clucas


We apologise to anyone who has been trying to contact us using the Napton Vicarage number 812383. We have had trouble with this phone line which we believe was the fault of BT in the first place but  the 1571 settings were reset causing further difficulties.

If you have left messages on that phone and we have not responded in a reasonable time your message may have gone astray. If in doubt use the mobile number provided in the magazine.

A reminder for Christenings, and Weddings please use the The Vicarage answer phone or mobile to contact Susan Holloway who will then arrange for forms and a clergy visit as appropriate. For Funerals the Funeral Directors arrange clergy. Local clergy will do their best to be available even if you don’t want a church service.

Napton Church is open to visit in daylight hours. Anyone who would like to volunteer for cleaning or helping to maintain any of our buildings or churchyards should contact Susan Holloway and we’ll get someone to contact you about what you could usefully do to help. Thanks to all already helping, you do a brilliant job.