Church News March 2014

Clergy Update – I thought it would be worth letting everyone know how things are going at the clergy end of church life. Myself (Bob Clucas) and Gillian Roberts are continuing to hold the fort, continuing to make the routine things: Christenings, weddings, funerals, Sunday Services and Church Festivals our priority. We are both part-time and so far this year we have unfortunately had to focus on funerals. We have had more bereavements to deal with in January and February in the six parishes than in the whole of last year.

We have caught up on a backlog of Christening and Marriage applications. We hope that, in future either Gillian or I will be able to visit to deal with the clergy end of enquiries within a fortnight. This may slip in holiday periods or where there are a lot of funerals to deal with.

Children – Thanksgiving or Baptism

When you are in the blessed position of having a baby or children and want mark this with the church the most reliable method is to phone Susan Holloway on the Napton Vicarage number  812383. This is an answer machine at present, although we hope to change that.  Susan will arrange a clergy visit and we will explain options and set a date. You can also  get into the system by talking to us after a service or in the playground if you see us, but in my case this is not very reliable as I have a head like a very old rusty sieve and I lose bits of paper.

Marriage Applications

If you live in one of our parishes or have another straightforward qualification (such as parents in the parish, you were Christened in the church, or lived here for a long time) then you are entitled to get married in the church. We can usually confirm a wedding date with a day or two. Note – if either of you has been married before then  it is a little more complex and we will try to get to see you within a fortnight to give you a straight answer. The method for getting in the system is the same as the children paragraph above.


If you find yourself in the sad position of needing one of us for a funeral then just tell the undertaker. This is true if you want a church service or want  the whole service at a crematorium.  The funeral director will arrange the date and time to suit everyone involved including your local clergy if you ask. Gillian and I try to make sure that one of us is available at all times to cover funerals from the villages whether they are in church or crematorium only. Please ask for us if you want us. There maybe a few days when neither of us can help but there will usually be one of the other local clergy available.

Opportunities to Explore Christian Faith

The churches in the Southam Area are having a mission week centred around a week in September called Hope 14.

‘OMG it’s Jesus’ is for young people and is advertised somewhere in this magazine.



Rev Bob Clucas