Partial destruction of Wormleighton Manor

 In 1645 Royalist forces from Banbury set fire to Wormleighton Manor causing extensive damage to prevent it becoming a parliamentary stronghold, which resulted in the house being for the most part abandoned by the Spencers as a family home and they thereafter used Althorp as their main residence. Now only the North side of the original building survives as part of one side of what was once a quadrangle. It was never again to be rebuilt. Despite the loyalty the Spencer family had to the Royalist cause having so great a possession as their largest manor house to a large extent deliberately destroyed must have been a bitter pill for them to swallow. However, thus with a major part of it having been destroyed, after 1645 the manor house degenerated into more of a large rambling farmstead as there was no compelling need for the Spencers with their fine house at Althorp to rebuild it. The population of the village remained fairly static between 1634 in 1734 if one considers the pattern of buildings on maps that are available and in 1730 12 houses and 15 families were recorded, which are figures are not far removed from those of two centuries earlier. The Spencer family line has remained intact and there have been many famous members of this family, who have served their country in various ways. Some have acquired certain notoriety whilst others have been more retiring, but it is hard to keep a family that still possesses so much basic wealth and land ownership out of the public eye for long