Royal visit and connections

 During the reign of Elizabeth 1st, it is thought that Wormleighton Manor was visited by her in August 1572 as part of her progress from Edgecote Manor via Long Itchington though to Warwick. Good Queen Bess as some may know had a habit of moving around the countryside and turning up to stay sometimes for lengthy periods with the more wealthy of her subjects in their manor houses in different parts of the country. The Spencer family continued to expand their wealth and landholdings and their connections at the British court and even overseas. There is also evidence of their overseas activities and William the second Lord Spencer was sent by King James 1 as an Ambassador to the Court of Duke Frederick in Wurttemberg in Southern Germany. There is also the large memorial tablet, which is in the chancel of our church as described in the section on the church above, commemorating the death in 1610 of John the son and heir of Robert Spencer who died at BLOIS in France at the age of 19 years. It was during this time that the central sandstone-built Gatehouse of Wormleighton Manor was added 1613