Wormleighton holds two services per month usually at 9.00 am on the 2nd Sunday in the month and at 10.30am on the 4th Sunday.  Our aim is to cater for the needs of both those who prefer traditional Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion or Morning services with hymns largely selected from the Ancient & Modern hymn-book and of those who favour services in a more modern style which are fully child-friendly and family-oriented and which include more modern hymns and songs. In trying to satisfy these sometimes conflicting needs, we are looking at coordinating services with neighbouring villages so that those who prefer either of the above styles of service can attend at least 2 services of the type they prefer every month without having to travel too far. Wormleighton will also benefit along with our fellow parishes in the occasional hosting of 5th Sunday services or Gatherings when they occur during the year. These are attended by parishioners from all 6 parishes.  We should also assert that we believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with a service "when two or three are gathered together" and to be a success a church service does not, as some people tend to think these days, necessarily have to have a large congregation. We always try to provide a warm welcome to everyone who attends church services in Wormleighton so that they leave feeling better than when they arrive. Details of all services are also published in the monthly Parish News magazine, displayed on our church and village notice-boards, and will also be included on this website’s events calendar.