Our small village and church have a long and extremely interesting history and Wormleighton was the first large agricultural holding and family seat of the famous Spencer family, who first obtained the Lordship of the Manor in 1486. This family which still owns most of the surrounding farmland and many of the houses in the village remains one of Britain's largest landowners. In 1547, the rectory was on lease to Sir Nicholas Styrley, but in 1549 it was granted with the advowson of the vicarage to John Hulson and Bartholomew Brokesby, citizens of London. They probably sold it to Sir John Spencer who bestowed the living in1554, and the advowson has since descended with the lordship of the manor being now in the hands of 9th Earl Spencer. Nowadays, however, as per the general practice, our parish priests are appointed by the Church of England and paid by the Coventry Diocese with their appointment also being approved by the Parochial Church Council. The history of our church and of its nearby manor remain closely interlinked