Children in Church Children are very welcome at all our services. We believe it is important for children and families to feel they belong and are valued as an integral part of the church.  We have some colouring resources and a few books and toys, and the ringing tower is available for use during 10.30am services. Please simply use your discretion with regard to reasonable behaviour as we strive to balance the needs of the whole congregation. 

Children's Groups provide opportunity for children to meet together for a varied programme of activities including games, competitions, crafts, chat, tuck, and Bible teaching. There are two different groups for children of various ages from our local villages: Explorer Club (years 3 to 6); Fun Squad (years 7 to 9). Details of meetings are always published in the Parish News magazine and will also be included on this website’s events calendar. Please feel free to contact the relevant group leaders if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the groups’ activities.

      Explorer Club - Suzanne Derbyshire: 01926 817921

      Fun Squad - Annette Hone: 01327 220440

In addition to the meetings offered in the village, we also support certain other groups - either organised on a Deanery-wide basis or by churches in nearby towns.